Wednesday, May 19, 2004

Oh, so that's where the money goes...

Browsing through the recent contracts awarded by the CPA, I finally started to see where all the money has been going. For example, there's a "Harvest HT4 cordless Phone" that was purchased for only $5,315. The same base phone sells on the internet for under $500, even with all the accessories it still comes in under a $1,000. Worse yet, they bought the same phone previously for only $1,968.30.
--- --- ---
Another $150,000 went for "IP HANDCUFFS-KARBALA". That's a lot of handcuffs for the Karbala Police. With the additional $300,000 for "IP CLOTHING", $30,000 for "IP NIGHTSTICKS(KARBALA)", and $6,000 for "IP WHISTLES-KARBALA", I can only imagine how good those boys are going to look walking down the street. There was an award of $236,000 for what was just listed as "AK-47" and again in the document there's another contract listed as "AK-47's" only this time the amount is $418,487.30. I'd like to find out what those contracts were all about because I can hardly believe that they're running short on AK-47's over there, although it might explain why they've also spent over $22,000,000 on 9-Apr-04 for "BODY ARMOR" and another $15,560,000 for "Body Armor" on 11-Apr-04. I do have to give a KUDOS though to the CPA. Even though they only spent $400 on "Tikrit Trash Removal" they spent a generous $24,650 to "Build Playground in Tikrit".
--- --- ---
I'd sure like to take some pictures of all the wonderful work taking place in Iraq. I can only imagine how great and grand the reconstruction projects must be....that is given how much they're costing. Talk about corporate spending run amok.