Thursday, May 13, 2004

Bloggers seek truth....

There is a great piece posted on the Aljazeera website about Bloggers who have raised many more questions regarding the video of the beheading of American Nick Berg.
I also find myself asking more questions. We know his body was found in Baghdad, but there is no mention of whether there was a head accompanying the body. Also after again reviewing the video, I noticed that the posture and the way the men held their weapons seemed a little to professional. I encourage readers to watch the video and pay attention to the man on the far right. Notice his posture and the way he positions his hand on his weapon. Now I'm not saying that this was all staged and didn't really happen. I'm sure that this guy was really murdered, the real question is by who and when? This whole thing's starting to seem more and more like a "Black Ops" mission to create support for the U.S. interest in Iraq.