Wednesday, May 12, 2004

Here come the conflicting reports....

Watching the news this evening, it's reported that the FBI offered to help Nick Berg leave Iraq, but he refused their offer.
It was also reported that he was held by Iraqi Police in Northern Iraq because of questions regarding his identity papers.
Now in earlier reports, it's stated that he was already trying to leave Iraq and that he had informed his family that he would try to find safe passage, probably through Turkey or Jordan, both of which are North of Baghdad. Given everything we've been told so far, I now have more questions than I have answers.

1: If he was trying to get out of the Iraq safely, why would he refuse the opportunity to do so under the protection of his government. Taking into account earlier reports, we know that he was headed North from Baghdad and was detained in the Northern part of the country. It only stands to reason that he was indeed heading North to leave the country. What happened to change his mind?

2: Where did the Orange jumpsuit come from? This is the first time anybody held by "Insurgents" has appeared in a prison uniform that up until this point has only been used by the U.S.?
Had he been released like the reports say?

3: Why is the media now also focusing on the fact that he was Jewish?

In this country there's a term called "Playing the Race Card". Something doesn't add up here and it's as if somebody's putting a spin on anti-Semitism in order to draw attention away from the U.S. atrocities that have taken place. Sarcastically speaking, I wonder who would do such a thing?

I'm sure that as we get more information, I'll not only have less answers but more questions.