Sunday, May 16, 2004

No Oscar Winners Here....

I have finally found the complete Nick Berg video and have had a chance to review it several times. I have posted a link to the video on the right hand side of the Blog.
until now I had only seen a cut version through Yahoo News. The actual video is much longer and even more obviously staged than the clips are media has been showing. With all the money being spent on the "War Effort", you would think they could at least have hired a professional production and editing crew. I don't see an "Oscar" going to this amateur hack job video.
--- --- ---
Unfortunately it doesn't seem to matter much to the American public. I have talked to several people regarding the video. So far, all have had an opinion on the video and are horrified by what had happened but few have actually seen the video. I guess it doesn't really take much to convince us something is true. Just tell us what you want and we'll gladly accept it as truth, until you tell us different. I can only hope that somewhere in our society there are a few black sheep not willing to follow the rest of the herd to the slaughter house.