Thursday, July 07, 2005

Bombs Blast Britain Into The Fore-Front of The War on Terror

It is tragic what happened in London, there's no doubt about that. And for Bush, the timing couldn't have been better. According to Fox News commentators, the attacks do more to serve the interests of the Western (U.S.) world than they do for the terrorist groups. It puts terrorism back in the limelight, over-shadowing the G8 summit and the issue of global warming and African Aid.

There will be little talk now in the press about the meeting. Global Warming is a sore spot with the Bush administration, which is in complete denial of its very existence. Going so far as to have a White House official and former oil industry lobbyist doctor its official reports. He later resigned and went to work for ExxonMobil. And as far as aid for Africa goes, well we say we're going to give a lot, then follow it up with that old "the checks in the mail" line.

It also comes at a time when Britain recently announced that it was going to start pulling UK troops out of Iraq in order to send them to Afghanistan, the real front on the War on Terror.

The group that claimed responsibility for the attack, the "Secret Organization -- al Qaida in Europe," seems to be a previously unknown and unheard of group (I guess intelligence ,or lack of, is still a problem). The letter claiming responsibility was posted to a website that has since been shut down. Although the website has been used to post authentic claims, it has also been used to post fraudulent claims. The authenticity of the letter and the group are still in question.

So the real question is; Who is responsible for the attacks and why? The people on the right are screaming that it's blood thirsty terrorists who want to destroy America and what our country stands for, oh and the UK cause they're are allies. The people on the left seem to be asking; Who had the most to gain from the attack and its timing? Look there and you might just find out who's responsible for the attack.