Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Bush Crashes The G8 Summit

Well, he didn't actually crash the summit so much as he crashed at the summit. While riding the "Presidential Bike", Bush managed to crash into a police officers who was on security patrol. Apparently Bush suffered minor injuries consisting of a few cuts and scratches. The police officer may have suffered an ankle injury and was taken to the hospital.

Sadly, the bicycle suffered a fatal injury and will most likely be flown back in a flag draped coffin and unloaded under the cover of night. For privacy concerns, there will be no photographs allowed of the bikes return home.
Policeman injured in Bush crash
From correspondents in Gleneagles
July 07, 2005

"US President George W. Bush, out for a spin on his bicycle at the Group of Eight summit venue, crashed into a policeman and had to be treated for scratches on his hands and arms.

Mr Bush was going at a pretty high speed on the presidential bicycle when he collided with an officer guarding the Gleneagles golf resort, said White House spokesman Scott McClellan.

The US leader, who had been riding for about an hour, skidded on the paved surface and suffered scrapes to his hands and arms.

He was treated and bandaged by the White House physician.

The President was mostly concerned about the police officer, who was taken to a local hospital as a precaution with a possible ankle injury, Mr McClellan said.

The President spent some time with the officer and had asked the White House physician, Richard Tubb, to monitor his condition at the hospital, he said.

Mr Bush would likely call the officer later, Mr McClellan said.

The President, who had been riding with a Secret Service agent, was fine, but the bicycle suffered some damage and Mr Bush had to return to the hotel in a car, which had been trailing them.

Mr McClellan declined to speculate about who was at fault..."

Given what is known, it was raining lightly, Bush was traveling at a high rate of speed, and he skidded into the officer, I think determining who was at fault is a no-brainer.