Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Subliminal Flags?

9-11 and the Twin Towers?

I came across an interesting thread at DU about the subliminal reference depicted in the flags behind Bush in his recent speech.
[snip...]Each of the flags spell out 911 it is totally subliminal, start with the small flags first. The top portion of the 9 is the area of the stars. These people are sick![snip...]

It's not as easy to see in the big flags, but stands out clearly in the smaller ones. The flag has also been cropped to achieve this effect. There are also only eight stripes when there should be thirteen and they choose to use a reversed image then rotaed it.

It's also been thrown around that the two large flags represent the Twin Towers. Another person pointed out that there appears to be an image of a person (possibly depicting Christ) in the upper right corner - Look at the top of the last full white stripe.

And what I don't really get, is what's with the image of the Moon. Bush has been promising us the Moon, and I don't just mean this sarcastically since he wants to take NASA on a mission to the moon. I think the whole Moon thing and his ambition to undertake another mission to the Moon is more of a publicity stunt in order to drum up that long-ago sense of patriotism and unity that America had when it first put a person on the Moon, and damn if they don't look like happy faces.