Monday, June 27, 2005

"Don't Call Me Crazy On The 4th Of July"

I came across an interesting post at the GNN.TV forum which linked to a video titled, "Don't Call Me Crazy On The 4th OF July."

The video and site chronicle the story of Bob Lansberry and details the history of U.S. mind control experiments and asks the question; Does silent radio control your mind?

And an even more interesting question which Lansberry asks; Why can't I get my mail? - Was he just a crazy man claiming that the government was keeping his mail? You'll be surprised when you find out the answer to that question.

As control of the media seems to be at the forefront of the government's drive to manipulate and control the thinking and opinions of the general population, one has to ask; Have they given up on a direct application of mind control or is this just the next evolutionary step of those experiments?

Website: Click Here
Video: Click Here