Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Can anybody prove that Bush won the election?

There’s still a lot of talk about election fraud and whether fraud can be proven. Unfortunately it has become difficult to do because many of the electronic voting machines used in the past election provided no verifiable paper trail to validate their results.

Setting aside all the reports of voter infringement, polling tapes being lost or destroyed, and records being withheld, let’s just focus on being able to verify the vote.

Because of the lack of a verifiable paper record, it can not reasonably be proven that Bush lost the election. On the other hand, it can neither be proven that he won the election. So if the resulting outcome can not be proven and verified one way or the other, then it seems that the argument over whether Bush won or not becomes a moot point. The entire election should have been invalidated and a new election should have taken place. One in which there is a verifiable record of the vote count.

So to all the people screaming that the Libs can’t prove that Bush didn’t win the election, remember that you can’t prove that he did. The only thing Bush supporters have to support their claims is faith, which if fine for religion, but is worthless in the role of politics and government.