Thursday, May 05, 2005

Before you jump on the bandwagon....

be sure you know where it's heading. I've been seeing a lot of cyber chatter concerning the remarks made by the First Lady and her recent comedy routine. Although I thought her joke about George jacking off a horse was inappropriate for the venue, the Annual White House Correspondents' Association's dinner, it wasn't broadcast on the public air waves like the Janet Jackson SuperBowl titie-fiasco. The follow up to her remarks on the Daily Show were even more rude and vulgar and given it's venue, a comedy show geared towards adults, I laughed my ass off. Yet there seems to be a growing movement to voice complaints with the FCC.

First off, the thing to remember is that on both occasions it was done on cable television. It's not broadcast freely into the air waves and is something that a person pays money to receive. The FCC has no right to start governing what people can be allowed to view if they so choose to subscribe to it, so long as it doesn't violate decency laws (in other words, I'm NOT saying it's OK to buy or broadcast kiddie porn).

So before you go screaming for the FCC to come down on either Mrs. Bush or the Daily Show for what they've broadcast, look ahead because at the end of the journey you might see you're favorite shows being pulled off the air and Big Brother getting complete control over what you will and won't see on television.

It's almost like all the people screaming "don't let terrorists buy guns," referring to people on the list of "Suspected Terrorists" being allowed to purchase firearms. The thing to remember here is that just because they are classified as a Suspected Terrorists doesn't mean that they Are Terrorists.

If legislation were to be passed making it illegal for people on this list to purchase firearms, then they are being unduly striped of their Second Amendment right, not to mention that it would make it really easy for government to strip this Constitutional right from American citizens by putting the names of those that show dissent for the current administration on the list.

It's bad enough that you can get denied access to a taxpayer funded event for having a bumper sticker that says "No Blood For Oil", but having your Second Amendment right striped from you because of a bumper sticker or a blog is pure insanity. Good luck trying to find out how your name ended up on the list because I'm sure that it will be "Classified", let alone getting your name removed from it.

Even worse is we end up with a nation divided, with one side being striped of their right to posses the means necessary to defend against an apposition that's armed to the teeth.

So again I say, look down the road to where that wagon is headed, because it just might be to the end of the road for what's left of the ideals this nation was founded upon.