Wednesday, May 04, 2005

More Americans ready to invest in private S.S. accounts...?

According to Bush, more Americans are ready to invest in private Social Security accounts. Just how did he come to this conclusion? Well I doubt it has anything to do with polls. They've all shown that the majority of Americans are against this idea. Well, it's because of logic. Insane logic, but logic none the less.

While speaking to the Latino Small Business Economic Conference, Bush stated that people from all walks of life are investing in retirement (401K) accounts offered by their employers. Said Bush: "I went down to the Nissan plant in Canton, Mississippi, (Tuesday) and it was a very diverse audience, a lot of assembly line workers ... And I said, 'How many of you all have got your own 401k?' I mean, the number of hands that went up was astounding."

Bush: Americans Ready to Invest S.S. Funds (AP/Yahoo)

Bush's logic is that since people are willing to invest in 401ks, then that must mean they support private retirement accounts, thus they must support my idea for creating private Social Security accounts. But what Bush fails to recognize is that 401ks are not guaranteed. If these people lose everything in their private retirement accounts, they would at least have the guaranteed Social Security benefits as a safety net of sorts.

Just ask any of the former Enron employees whether their faith in their employer's 401k program is an indication of their support for privatized Social Security. Somewhere along the line of Bush shoving his head up his ass while he was jerking off the horse, he managed to twist his sense of logic so that it is as perverse as the First Lady's jokes during the recent annual White House Correspondents' Association's dinner.