Thursday, April 28, 2005

What happened while the President spoke...

A $2.6 trillion budget was passed by a narrow margin in the House. The budget makes drastic cuts in Medicaid. The budget, which was passed in a vote of 214-211, instructs lawmakers to freeze or cut spending in many domestic programs and adds restraints to spending for student loans, pensions, and more, which automatically grow each year. Untouched from any cuts were programs for defense and homeland security.

Said House Majority Leader Tom DeLay, it was time to take a closer look at benefit programs that are, "popular but rife with waste .... These entitlement programs deserve reform." DeLay went on to say, "The Medicaid system is antiquated and the quality of care is not being brought to the people that need it."

Way to go Tom...I guess if people aren't getting the kind of quality medical care they deserve, the best answer is to just cut $10 Billion from the system that at least provides them with some sort of medical care.

The plan also included tax cuts of $106 Billion over the same four year period and is to take effect in 2007. Additionally the budget resolution opens up authorization for drilling in ANWAR by protecting future bills from a filibuster, which has stalled recent attempts to pass legislation on the matter. It also protects $70 Billion of the $106 Billion in tax cuts from a filibuster and include extensions for many of the tax breaks that are set to expire.

So as the President addressed the country on national television, the Republican controlled House was busy bending us over and giving us the screwing of a lifetime.

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