Monday, April 25, 2005

The Crusades and the Inquisition all rolled into one.
- Welcome to the New World Order.

- I guess if you're having a hard time getting religion into the government, then you put government into religion.

"Justice Sunday: Stop the Filibuster Against People of Faith" - Sen. Majority Leader Bill Frist is an included speaker (via satalite video) to more than 2,000 viewers at an event sponsored by the Family Research Council, a Washington based Christian lobbying group. The issue - Using the filibuster to block 10 of Bush's nominees for judicial posts. Of the 215 judicial nominations
that Bush has put forth, 210 have been confirmed, but it looks like that's not good enough for God - I mean Bush - no, I mean God - wait, I'm confused, who's who again? The main purpose of the event seemed to be to depict the Democrat Senators as being against people of faith.
(To learn more about the Family Research Council, read Justice Sunday Preachers online at The Nation.)

Tom DeLay continues to press for holding judges accountable for their actions in the Schiavo case. Not accountable to the people of the Unites States (which their actions clearly show they were), but just to the Christian groups sitting in the wings with money in their hands ready to throw it at the politician willing to give them a political reach-around.

There's a new Pope - Benedict XVI, formerly know as Cardinal Ratzinger - formerly know as the artist formerly known as a member of the Nazi Youth and a don't-ask-don't-tell kind of guy when it comes to the sex abuse scandals that have plagued the Catholic Church. Also the former head of the "Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith," the office that headed up the Inquisitions during the middle-ages. He was also recently responsible for issuing the Vatican memorandum which stated that "The minister of Holy Communion must refuse to distribute it," referring to holy communion given to catholic politicians that do not uphold the views and doctrines of the church in relationship to the government and its' policies.

Given the Neo-Christian/Neo-Conservative stronghold on the American government and its' military, there seems to be nothing standing in the way of an all out assault on the middle-east and the Muslim world in general.

Welcome to the New-World-Order.
Would you like fries with that?