Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Pray or Pay?

Instead of serving jail time for their crimes, many have been given the option of attending "worship services." Unlike doing community service, this is essentially saying, either serve jail time or join the religious community. Although the article doesn't state which "worship service" they must attend, I have the sinking feeling that they are Christian based services since the judge is a "devout Christian" himself.

Judge Gives Offenders Option of Church

LONDON, Ky. - A Kentucky judge has been offering some drug and alcohol offenders the option of attending worship services instead of going to jail or rehab -- a practice some say violates the separation of church and state.

District Judge Michael Caperton, 50, a devout Christian, said his goal is to "help people and their families."

"I don't think there's a church-state issue, because it's not mandatory and I say worship services instead of church," he said..."
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