Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Nick & Jessica's Tour of Duty .... gag ... choke ... gag ... cough

I'm not against providing entertainment for the troops that have been sent overseas, but don't turn it into a propaganda event for the American people. They make the whole thing sound like a F@#%EN trip to Disneyland mixed with a little MTV for the hip young viewers. I just hope MTV didn't have any hand in producing this thing. We all know how good of a job they did on their last, and final, Superbowl show.

From the ABC website promoting their upcoming special, "America's sweethearts, Nick Lachey and Jessica Simpson, multi-platinum artists known from their hit MTV series Newlyweds, put a modern twist on entertaining the troops overseas at the Ramstein Airbase in Germany and make a special trip to Iraq...on Nick & Jessica's Tour of Duty....Nick and Jessica take a lesson from the pros, as Nick trains to fly an F-16 fighter jet and goes for the ride of his life, while Jessica stops by the rifle range to learn how to shoot various weapons used by the military....Iraq is the last stop in their tour and a great surprise for the troops. Nick and Jessica visit a U.S. Army base in Tikrit and meet with hundreds of soldiers to shake hands, sign autographs and show their appreciation for all their hard work and dedication. Their trip is extended a bit due to mortar fire and a sandstorm, but all return safely from this experience of a lifetime."

On one hand, I'd rather choke on my own excrement infused vomit than watch this thing, but on the other hand, I'm curios as to just how much of a pro-military propaganda tool they're going to make of it.

They should have left them in Iraq for a year, brought them back then sent them for another year, then asked just how wonderful their whole "experience of a lifetime" had been.