Monday, May 23, 2005

Filibuster Deal Reached ... Another Sad Day For The Republic

An agreement has been reached in order to prevent a showdown over the filibuster of a few of Bush's judicial nominees. The Republican controlled Senate was prepared to invoke what's been termed "The Nuclear Option," which would change Senate rules and prevent the use of the filibuster against the President's judicial nominees. In order to prevent the rule change, which would mean that the Republicans would get an unprecedented control of the Senate as well as the judiciary, the Democrats have agreed to cave on the issue.

This may have averted The Nuclear Option, but now the most controversial judicial nominees will move forward, and given the Republican control of congress, most likely receive appointments to the bench.

The looming vote on the changing the Senate rules was critical in showing just how far the Neo-Con controlled administration was willing to go in order to reshape the Nation, going from being a Republic where no single party had complete control, to that of a Fascism. Now some Democrats have instead agreed to pave the road for them.

I really have no words, short of a string of obscenities, that can describe the disgust I have with these Senators and their new agreement, which is nothing more than a pact with the Devil himself.

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