Saturday, May 14, 2005

Arizona Border Patrol Ordered To "Stand Down."

The protection of U.S. borders and the security of the Nation are of little importance if it's going to make the government look bad. The ordered “stand down” was done to offset the increase of arrests due to the Minuet Man Project. By keeping arrests low, the government could show that the project had no real impact, and that they (Border Patrol) were doing a good job at protecting the borders.
(World Peace Herald)Border Patrol told to stand down in Arizona

Apparently the security of the country boils down to a public relations issue for the Bush Administration. This administration is getting way out of hand. I’d like to see how they spin this while dealing with the backlash from the recently published report that interrogators at Gitmo were flushing copies of the Koran down toilets, which has caused massive and violent protests across Afghanistan and other Muslim nations.

(AFP)Afghan president blames anti-US forces for protests, promises shake-up

(AP)Reported Quran Desecration Sparks Outrage