Thursday, October 13, 2005

President Bush Takes His Ventriloquism Act On The Road

Bush shown with his buddy Sambo on his knee.

G. W. Bush has decided to add a little flair to his road show and show the American people that he does like black people. Helping him out is his best buddy "Sambo" who says things like, "Hey George, I love you too, heh, heh, heh."

According to Bush's mother Barbara, "Sambo is a puppet that George has had since he was a child. He's become pretty good at the whole ventriloquism thing. You can't even see his lips move."

The White House feels that this will help win over the black people and show that he really does care about them. "It's a bold move that shows the President is not only a good leader but creative and talented as well," says political advisor Karl Rove.

Note: This is written as satirical humor. It is not intended to be racist and I do not mean to offend any people of color. If you find this piece offensive, well you'll just have to get over it.