Monday, October 10, 2005

Bush Might Use Veto Power If Congress Doesn't Let Him Abuse People

President Bush Has yet to veto a bill, but he might just use that veto power for the first time to strike down a $440 billion defense spending bill if it contains language that would prohibit his administration and the military from engaging in torture and human rights abuse.

The Senate passed the spending bill which contains measures forbidding torture by a vote of 90-9 and was strongly supported by Republican Senators.

According to the Bush administration, congress was attempting to essentially ties its hands in regards to how they are able to conduct their War on Terror.

So what's the problem Mr. President? These measures simply say that you can not actively engage in the sort of actions that you yourself have said that your administration and the military do not actively engage in. How can it even be an issue to have legislation that states you can not do something if it's not something that you're even doing? That is unless you're lying about your administration's role in using torture and inhumane treatment on its prisoners.

How tragically sad it is for the American people to have a president who would abandon support for the men and women serving in the armed forces and fighting his war based on lies just because he's not legally allowed to fight the War on Terror by using torture and terror as a weapon in fighting it.

Terrorism was a small flame before Bush decided to throw a bunch of kindling on it in an effort to smother it out. Now that it's grown into a huge fire, he feels the best way to put it out is by throwing a bunch of gas on it.