Monday, August 29, 2005

America's Growing Divide

It's been some time since my last blog post. I needed to take a break from the insanity that has become our government and leadership.

Everyday there's more and more to write about and to speak out against regarding Bush & Co. and it begins to feel like you're just beating your head against the wall in the hope that you'll finally find that peace of mind that only unconsciousness will bring since it doesn't look like the sheeple who are guided by a Wolfe will ever wake up to the reality of what they are doing and the insanity of the madman they are following.

It's like a scene from a horror move, with brain dead zombies walking the streets droning the word "brains, BRAINS!" over and over again while looking for more brains to devour. Instead they are saying "freedom, FREEDOM!" as if it's what they stand for while they instead devour it until it is gone. The whole time the Main Steam Media tries it's best to anesthetize us so that the reality of what is happening never fully sinks in and that the death of our nation is as painless as possible.

Our leaders have betrayed the people of this nation. Karl Rove, who will hopefully be found guilty of treason (along with everybody else involved) for outing a covert C.I.A. operative, is still Bush's right-hand man. It was a big story that was gaining momentum in the press. In a bold move by the Main Steam Media the attention was finally diverted by instead focusing attention on the anti-war movement and the growing numbers of demonstrators that were gathering just down the road from the Bush Ranch in Crawford, Texas.

Although it's nice to see the Bush opposition finally getting the attention it so needed, it's come at the expense of an even bigger issue loosing the coverage and focus of the American people. And just so the folks at Camp Casey didn't garner to much attention, the anti-anti-war crowd came down as well to show their opposition to the opposition.

The "You Don't Speak For Me, Cindy" group has set up camp right across the road and the battle line is a little road in Texas. This is a group of people that scares me as much as the Evangelical- Christians do. Their idea of "Freedom of Speech", is that you're free to say things that we agree with, but if you speak against the President and his failed foreign policy as well as failing domestic policy, then you're "Anti-American".

While Bush refuses to meet with Cindy Sheehan, the mother of a soldier killed in Iraq and more or less a representative of many families how have lost their sons and daughters, brothers and sisters, in a war based on lies, he's not opposed to trotting out his own representative mother to stand by his side. Unfortunately she hasn't lost anybody to Bush's meat grinder, yet. But hey, she's a mother and that's all that really counts, right?

Bush is again doing his roadshow in an attempt to regain support for his war as his ratings in the polls sink to an all-time low. He is again giving the same speeches, using the same catch-phrases, and generally spouting the same bull-shit that he's been doing since 9/11. The crowds are growing smaller and soon he'll be resigned to bus his groupies from speech to speech in order to pack an audience for the T.V. cameras. Staffers will continue to fill in as reporters and the tail will continue to wag the dog until the poor mut finally drops dead from all the abuse.

As for me, I might just take up drinking instead of beating my head against the wall. Hell, it worked so well for George all those years and he seems to be oblivious to all the insanity of his New World Order.

Monday, August 08, 2005

Taking a Break

I'm burnt out on blogging and have not posted in a while. I'm also not planning on posting again for a bit. I'm just tired of blogging and trying to generate readership and support, which is actually more time consuming than writing the posts themselves.