Tuesday, October 12, 2004

Bush releases new children's book...
"Agenda For America."

I've recently been taking a hard look the Official Websites of both John Kerry and George W. Bush with respect to what they have to offer the American Voter. It really strikes me as odd that Kerry would be the most prominent figure on both sites. I can understand why you would see Kerry and Edwards featured on the Kerry website, I mean hey, it's their site and they have seen it as an opportunity to get their message out to the American Voter. The Kerry site seams to be primarily devoted to offering information regarding his position on the issues as well as detailed material regarding his stance on everything from Foreign Policy to Domestic issues. Granted they do have their share of anti-Bush material, but it is featured on the lower portion of the page and is not the predominant feature as it is more of a side-note. The Bush website on the other hand seems to have taken another course altogether with regards to use of the internet. When you go to the Bush website the first thing that comes up on the monitor is an attack on Kerry.

When clicking through the links on the Kerry site the user is taken to areas that offer greater detail regarding Kerry's "...Plan For America". The Bush website has taken to presenting their basic statements over and over again. As you click through the Bush website you basically get the same overview of information that you have just read, only laid out on the page differently.

At Kerry's website you can download the entire 1.36mb pdf file "Our Plan For America". There's a link to the plan from the main page and it opens up in a browser window. The pdf contains 263 pages. Not counting the table of contents, header pages and photo-op pages, there are about 230 pages of text detailing their position and plan to move America forward.

The Bush website also offers a downloadable pdf version of Bush's "Agenda For America". This is a 2.2 mb file. It isn't easy to find a link to the downloadable file since you must dig down a few pages. The file must be downloaded and doesn't seem to open in the browser window, although this could just have been a technical problem on my end, even though the pdf on Kerry's site had no problems opening. Most of the pages are laid out in a two page format making the total number of pages 49. After eliminating cover pages and photo-ops, etc.., the total number of pages containing text comes to about 33. That's his entire plan, summaries, details and all. A person has to wonder why so little information takes up so much bandwidth and isn't easily accessed.

Now I can see why the Bush campaign would accuse Kerry's plan of being too complicated. "War and Peace", by Lev Nicolaevich Tolstoy is a complicated read. But come on now, the Presidents' "Agenda For America" amounts to nothing more than the children's book "My Pet Goat", in comparison to Kerry's ""Plan For America".